Sinatra *Pb*

Sinatra WEC 20087be06-hunter-sinatra-hh-3941.jpg         7be06-hunter-sinatra-ceb-7156.jpg                         

Sinatra, born in 1997, is a premium 16.3h approved Trakehner stallion with the American Trakehner Association. He is by the imported sire Fabius, and out of the imported *E* mare, Sunrise Serenade by Habicht.

Sinatra competes actively in the Northwest region in dressage and will show at PSG in 2010. Sinatra also cross-trains with regular jumping. His temperament is outstanding, and his willingness to work is tremendous.

Sinatra has had several foals, one of which was named a Model Mare at her inspection in 2006 ( see Sinatra’s Get).


                    Sinatra showing summer 2007 3rd level at Donida Farm.

                                         (All photos above by Carolynn Bunch)


(Sinatra and I at Region 6 Championships, 2004, with our trainer, Erin Jorgensen, her daughter Deidre, and her horse, Cervantes. Sinatra was 2nd level Champion.)


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